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" I’ve had a wonderful amount of success and done a lot at 22, but there’s a lot more I want to do. "
" What's good in having money and being famous if you can't share it with others less fortunate than yourself? "
" I would like to make a bigger impact on the world by giving back, and using my celebrity to raise money for people who need it most. "
" I don't mess around when it comes to my work – it's important. That's when I will definitely put someone in their place. "
“ If God gave you the talent, you should go for it. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. It’s hard! ”
" Being in this business, I accept that there are positives and negatives but having a strong family base and a belief in God enables me to weather the storms. ”
“ It’s hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I’m long gone. ”
“ That’s why I work every day. Ev-er-y day. I want to knock people out. ”
“ There is always a bit of pressure to do a good album – to do good work, period. ”
“ I’m a total performer. ”
“ People are gonna look up to me because I’m young, black, and female. ”
" I want longevity. I don't want to get out there and run myself ragged and spread myself thin. "
" I think it's important to take a break, you know, from the public eye for a while, and give people a chance to miss you. "
" I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing. "
" I began to work the stage and get the audience into it. I also learned how to have fun out there. It is something I will never forget."
" There are certain things I want to keep to me. I don’t discuss my private life. "
" When a fan comes up to you and says I love your music, there’s nothing better than that."
" You have to love what you do to want to do it everyday. "
" I’m the interpreter. I’m the one who takes your words and brings them to life. I was trained to sing and dance and laugh, and that’s what I want to do. "
" I don’t think about my previous success. I’m happy that the work I’ve done has been very successful. "
" It’s in how you carry yourself. I’ve always been a very mature person, and I’ve always known what I wanted. And I go after it no matter what. "
" I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person. "
" All I can do is leave it in God’s hands and hope that my fans feel where I’m coming from. "
" I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original."
" I’m a survivor and I can handle anything. I’m very confident about that. "
" I don't want to abandon one work for the other, and I don't think I need to sacrifice anything to put my all into either one of them."


We Love Aaliyah Haughton

"I’m Esme, an Aries born in 1979 in Huelva, (Andalusian, Spain). Music and Fashion are my passion, but music is really my everything, and if we talk about music there is one person that always comes to my mind: AALIYAH. I knew about her existence watching “Are You That Somebody?” video in MTV Germany, it was about 98, I was 19 years old and my life changed forever, her style, her voice, her dance movements… and I started to be her to-die-for fan, I discovered her two first albums and I flipped out, how could I did not listen to her before?, I live in a small city and was really hard to find R&B albums, so, that’s one of the biggest reasons I couldn’t hear music at the same time like the rest of the world, but Internet came and everything was more easy to find, so, I could know more Aaliyah and how many things we had in common, ages, loyal friends, passion for what we do, Egypt, Sade, a sense for fashion what make us very different of the rest… but when she was in the top and I was totally falling in love with her, she left us and everything changed again, but I made myself a promise that 20 years after still remains, I’ll care and try to help to keep her awesome legacy alive, the world will need to know that Aaliyah one time existed, every generarion needs to know how she gave us everything and how she changed the course of modern R&B, how she changed the course of fashion, but most of all, she changed lives, at least my life never was the same since I know her. I will always love you and forever miss you. 

With Aaliyah in our hearts." 

Aaliyah Spain 

''My name is Ismael, I’m from Spain and I’m a huge Aaliyah fan since I was six year old. My sister introduced me into her art for the first time at that age, and since then it became not only my favorite artist but also she became my motivation and influence. My admiration and love just grew over the years and for her 34th birthday in 2013, I created my space in social media in honor to her, to share and create stuff, all about Aaliyah and all for Aaliyah. I met some of the best people I ever had the pleasure to meet because of her, becoming not only my friends but my family, we share our lives and it's because of her. Her impact in my life and in my memories will forever join me on for the rest of my life. I will forever honor and keep her legacy with my word. Always close to my heart.''​


Aaliyah Haughton

"Hi my name is Erica and I've been a fan of Aaliyah since the age of eleven. As a little girl, my Father got me into a lot of different music growing up throughout the 90's, and Aaliyah was one of the main artists who caught my attention straight away. I was so mesmerised by the way she carried herself as a person through her humbleness, sweet nature and elegance, that she changed the sound of music for me in a way which I've never seen done by anyone else. Aaliyah did so much through her style, grace and loving spirit for her adoring fans, and that was the reason why I started my fan page.

I started my first fan page through MySpace back in 2007 as I needed an outlet away from school. I was bullied at a young age, and during that time, Aaliyah's music really spoke to me, and helped me cope with the battles I was dealing with. Creating the fan page gave me comfort and a distraction away from all the negativity that was going on throughout my personal life. As social media grew, I branched out onto Instagram around 2013 to continue showing that love for Aaliyah and representing her legacy as best I can."



“My name is Frances and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I became an avid Aaliyah fan circa 1996, at just 12 years old, when my then best friend introduced me to the greatness that is “One In A Million”. That album shook me to my entire core and Aaliyah’s aura and style resonated deep within the tomboy in me so much that I instantly became a fan for life. I grew and evolved from an impressionable teen into a young woman with Aaliyah being at the forefront and soundtrack to it all and she still is to this day.

I created my own little space on tumblr initially, to showcase my love and admiration for Aaliyah, in March 2012 and have continued the journey and legacy ever since. Her impact on my life is immense and vast and she is in everything I do, always. I would not be who I am today, or even where I am today, without her. Nor would I have met the amazing people I have in my life today if it weren’t for her bringing them into it through our mutual love and respect for her and her craft. 

Aaliyah’s legacy inspires, motivates and influences - and being able to contribute to that legacy any which way I can, has been the privilege of my life.”